Hi! My name is Artur Hearhadze. I am a composer, producer and musician. I can help you at all stages of music production, starting with a simple idea and leading it through to a final mix. If you need an instrumental for a rock, metal or rap core song, or you need an orchestral or synth ambient or even light pop soundtrack or perhaps your own project is missing some arrangement elements like beautiful guitar playing - please contact me, I’d be glad to be of help. I’m driven by passion and a strong belief that music connects people and can cure and save the world. After you’ve contacted me, I get to know the task, what you have so far (ideas or unfinished music), I get to know your taste and your preferences. We discuss price and time frames and then I start working, gathering inspiration from what you like and delivering in my own style. I will share the work in progress and check with you on the chosen direction. Also I believe that bringing more to the table is the major key in building healthy and long-term partnership. Even when we’re done I will still be in touch and will be glad to help.

The Journey
Though I started late: I began to listen to the music at around 12, and I discovered my interest in playing the guitar when I was 15; It took over me immediately and never released its grip. Ever since I was immerged in different branches of creative process, grasping the core of the art on my own with little help of my friends and private teachers. Starting with bringing slipknot to my acoustic guitar teacher back when I was really young to understand things and now to being an experienced composer and producer. I played the electric guitar in several bands, I learned to record in a DAW, I learned to manage the sample instruments and play the piano, I learned to sing. I produced albums for my bands. Than I was a mixing engineer for a year or so, I mixed and mastered a couple of albums and lots of songs for our local bands. Then I was an assistant for a big mixer, getting the projects prepared for the mix. Then I became a session musician and a ghost producer on Fiverr.com. I’ve worked on more than 200 songs, bringing in colors, full arrangements or creating from scratch for people all over the world. I’ve produced the "distorted dimension" album for the Australian horror core artist KID CRUSHER, I’ve worked on lots of songs and a couple of films for a very talented director and artist from Florida. I’ve been a guitar player and an arrangement engineer for a very bright guy in Leeds, UK. This list can go on. You can check my portfolio on the main page to see some of my most interesting works. Our crew Get to know people who I work with and trust their feel for music.

Our crew

Violin player, Keys
Alex at Drygva studio
Producing, mixing, mastering
Master of it all...